DYEDBRO Bleach Dye


DYEDbro Bleach Dye

We thought: it would be awesome if we could bleach dye our bikes! Putting bleach on your bike frame isn’t a great idea, but then we came up with the perfect product for it. A Clear frame protector with bleach-like stains that would turn any color frame into a bleach dye frame. And all of this without putting harmful chemicals all over your bike.

DYE Dbro Bleach Tie Dye
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Will this kit fit my bike?

This 'standard' size DYEDbro kit will fit 99% of modern MTB frames and can be easily cut with scissors to fit around pivots & cable ports etc.

For fitting hints & tips to ensure your bike looks pro check the DYEDbro Youtube Channel.

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What's in the box?

Each DYEDbro frame protection kit comes with:

  • 1x Printed toptube piece
  • 2x Printed seatstay pieces
  • 2x Printed chainstay pieces
  • 1x Clear downtube piece
  • 1x DYEDbro sticker
  • 1x Squeegee - for installation