Dyedbro Frame Protection

02 December 2021

Total Protection!

The universal frame protection kit from DYEDBRO fits most bikes, with many awesome designs to choose from. The wide selection of kits fit mountain bikes, e-bikes, gravel, road and even kids bikes.

DYEDBRO kits shield your bike from scuffs, scratches and help your bike frame and keep it looking its best and with loads of rad designs arguably make it look even better!

Just ask yourself, Do You Even Drift Bro?!

DYEDbro Tattoo

What's In The KIt?

Our frame protection kits come with a sheet of self-adhesive frame protection which has been laser cut into the perfect shape to fit 99% of bikes.

You get:

  • Top tube piece (cut adjustable)
  • Clear Down tube piece
  • Seat stay piece x 2
  • Chain stay piece x 2
  • Application tool
  • Respect!
DYEDbro E bike camo

Easy To Fit!

The universal kit fits 99% of bikes with just small adjustments needed to obtain perfection!

Here are our top fitting tips:

  • Use the applicator tool
  • Practice using the tool with an offcut before you apply the main sections to your bike.
  • Apply heat to the bike and the kit during fitting with a hair dryer
  • Don't use any applicator sprays. the kit works best straight onto the frame without chemicals
  • Start in the centre of the tube and work out moving any trapped air with the applicator tool
  • If you need to peel a section to re-apply then once again heat is your friend here!
  • You may need to cut some parts to fit your frame perfectly
  • Once fitted, leave for 1-2 hours and then re-apply more heat and stock any edges down again
DYEDbro DB650

E-Bike Kits Available!

We have specific E-Bike kits that are sized to reflect the bigger tube shapes that E-Bikes use. You still get the same DYEDBRO protection just a bit more of it to keep your E-Bike looking fresh!

More E-Bike designs are on the way but for now, check out the designs!

DYEDbro-E-bike-stay-free.jpg 1

Whats in the kit?

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