03 March 2022

Clean your conscience with mountainFlow!

If you're going to clean your bike you may as well do it with a clean conscience!

mountainFlow’s revolutionary ski wax and bike lube delivers exceptional performance and cutting edge plant-based technology. Every aspect of every product from mountanFlow has been carefully thought through with environmental impact at its core.

With no compromise on performance but an uncompromising commitment to our ride environment, mountainFlow have created a product range that not only works perfectly but makes you feel good about using it!

  • 100% Plant based
  • 0% Petroleum
  • Certified B Corporation
  • USDA Certified biobased product
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Mountain FLOW Bike Wash Degreaser

mountainFlow eco-wax was formed with a straightforward mission: provide a simple and eco-friendly way to improve the skiing experience. The very first product was a water-based anti-stick spray that reduced snow and ice buildup on top of skis. This product became popular in the backcountry community, where weight is the name of the game. Reducing snow buildup kept skis light and helped skiers to efficiently venture into the mountains without carrying pounds of unnecessary weight.

MountainFlow soon realized that eco-friendly waxes were a rare commodity in the ski industry. So in 2017 they began testing plant-based glide waxes. They were looking for a product that was easy to apply and that was non-hazardous to the environment.

After 2 years of R&D and over 200 formulations, mounatinFlow developed a line of plant-based wax that worked just as well as conventional, petroleum-based wax

The hope is that every skier and rider will make the choice to use a product that works great and is more friendly to our mountain playgrounds.

Mountain FLOW Wax Kit Blue Square
Mountain FLOW Bike Lube All Weather
Mountain FLOW Quick Wax
Mountain FLOW Hot Wax Race
Mountain FLOW Bike Grease
Mountain FLOW Bike Wash Degreaser