MTB Hopper Air Land

MTB Hopper Air Land

Getting air bourne is the easy bit! Landing is often where things go wrong! MTB Hopper now has a solution for that!

The world's first proper MTB portable landing, which can be transported with a regular car.

Air land is composed of three briefcases, which are assembled into two main parts: The tabletop and the landing slope.

Land can be mounted on the roof of any regular car, if it has car roof rails. If mounted on the roof of the car, the minimum height of the car is 1,4 m and the maximum is 1,8 m.

You can also use the Air landing with our one-legged stand - The Pirate to make your jump setup even more portable!

It is recommended to use Land with the Air, Pro, and Area 51 ramps.

In the lowest position (1500) it is applicable to use with Pro and Area ramps, in the higher positions (1600-2100) - with Air ramp. Because of the Air land portability, it is sufficiently narrow, therefore this product is recommended only for experienced riders.

The surface of the land is not suitable for small wheel sports and motorcycles. It can be used with dirt/slopestyle bikes, enduro, downhill, BMX, etc.

MTB Hopper Air Land F Ull S Etup
MTB Hopper Air Land Car
MTB Hopper Air Land size
MTB Hopper Air land

Technical data

  • Assembly: 40 min
  • Weight limit: 150 kg
  • Ready to use ramp dimensions: 1500-2100 (height) x 1200 (width) x around 5000 mm (total length)
  • Briefcase dimensions: 1200x520x170 mm
  • Product weight (total): 78,4 kg
  • Wheel Extension weight: 5 kg