MTB Hopper Crane

MTB Hopper Crane

Check your height and film it at the same time!

The product includes two stands, one phone holder and one jumping bar. Crane can be adjusted to adapt to steep slopes, stony surfaces, or any surface/terrain.

The height of the jumping bar is adjustable for when things get competitive!

The height bar is super strong so wont get broken by a failed height attempt and by combining the two stands into one with the connector, the Crane can be raised up to 1.45 m height!

The phone holder is designed to fit smartphones of all sizes and brands. It allows you to rotate the position of the phone by 360 degrees, as well as easily change the shooting angle and adjust the height on the stand. The phone holder can be used even without a stand. It can be easily attached to a tree stem, branch or pole.

MTB Hopper Crain height with ramp
MTB Hopper Crain details 2
MTB Hopper Crain height
MTB Hopper Crain detail

Technical data

  • Assembly: 2 min
  • Ready to use crane dimensions: 800 / 1560 (height) x 510 (width) x 440 / 800 mm (length)
  • Ready to use star dimensions: 105 (height) x 160 (width) x 90 mm (length)
  • Briefcase dimensions: 820 x 260 x 70 mm
  • Product weight (total): 2,5 kg