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03 December 2021

Öhlins TTX 22 M MTB Coil Shock

The Öhlins TTX22M shock delivers World Cup Downhill performance in a package to suit any bike and enables you to attack the toughest sections faster and harder than you ever thought possible. From the moment it got into the hands of riders, the TTX22M created a massive buzz within the bike industry. Praised for its outstanding performance and a huge range of meaningful adjustability, the shock sets a new standard in high-end gravity componentry.

Designed to soak up even the most challenging World Cup Downhill tracks, the TTX22M shock also provides excellent pedal efficiency over flat and uphill sections. Its twin tube design allows the gas pressure to consistently backup the low-pressure side of the piston to keep it at a controlled level. This ensures a highly consistent damping performance and an instant suspension response for outstanding bike control and unbeatable tire traction over any kind of terrain.

Just like every product fitted with TTX damping technology, the TTX22M (Metric) has a race-proven settings bank giving access to a huge range of options for tuning the damper to suit any specific rider, bike or riding style.

Stock TTX Coil
Ohlins TTX 22 M Coil Shock Trunnion Mount

Ohlins TTX Air

The TTX Air shock is available in two air can options TTX1 (small volume) suitable for bikes with high leverage rates and TTX2 Air suited to bikes with lower leverage rates. The TTX2 has larger positive and negative air chamber volumes, a double-can design and more control over the air spring volume spacing. This gives riders greater freedom to adjust the spring curve and easily dial in the exact amount of progression they desire.

The TTX Air delivers the unrivalled sensitivity, control, and flawless all-conditions damping that TTX products have built their reputation on.

Once dialed-in, you’ll immediately appreciate the shocks super-plush feel that increases comfort over long, demanding rides, maintains momentum over roots and rocks, and also has the capacity to soak up more serious hits. The TTX Air’s superb levels of confidence-inspiring traction and control will encourage you to push your bike harder and faster than ever before.

The TTX Air combines the superior damping function of our TTX system together with a low friction air-spring. The twin-tubed design enables two-way oil flow through the piston and the double tubes. With the ability to extensively tune the pressure when the oil passes the compression and rebound valves, we have created a well-balanced and extremely predictable damper. This results in a highly effective range of clicks enabling you to easily dial in the shock and achieve the perfect suspension set-up.

Just like every product fitted with TTX damping technology, the TTX Air has a race-proven settings bank giving access to a huge range of options for tuning the damper to suit any specific rider, bike, or riding style.

Stock TTX Air
Ohlins TTX Air Trunnion

Ohlins RXF Fork

The Ohlins RXF sets the standard for precision and performance. The suspension technology that Ohlins brings to the MTB market in the RXF air spring, chassis and the TTX damper are world-leading with many other brands releasing similar products after a few years of head-scratching!

The Ohlins RXF 36 is one the most tuneable forks on the market with a host of features to help you get the best performance from your setup as well as the awesome support that Brink offers in house via Plush Suspension.

Available in a range of travel options and offset options to suit all types of rider and bike as well as some awesome setup support from the Ohlins Performance Suspension Guide and custom tuning options available on request.

Stock Ohlins RXF Forks
Ohlins DH38 M 1
Ohlins RXF 36 M2 Trail Coil 29

Ohlins Servicing

We have partnered with Plush Suspension to offer trade cost servicing and warranty to all our dealers and to make it even easier for you, your Apex B2B login will work straight away on the Plush Suspension website!

Learn more about Plush Ohlin's servicing below.

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