Ohlins RXF34 M2 Air OTX18 29

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Ohlins RXF34 M2 Air OTX18 29

Weighing in at just 1698g, the RXF 34 fork can boast of a brand new air spring and damper adapted for the demands of the emerging riding style, while still carrying all the hallmarks of Öhlins’ race-proven performance suspension seen from its long-travel cousins.

OTX18 - the ‘downcountry damper’

The RXF34 m.2 uses Öhlins’ newly-designed OTX18 damper. Sprung out of the highly successful TTX18 found in the brand’s downhill and trail forks, the OTX18 is purpose-built for lightweight trail bikes. It shares several key components with its bigger TTX18 brother, but weighs 27% less and is optimised for faster and more fluid trail riding, striking the optimal balance between traction, control, weight and stiffness. Like all Öhlins dampers, the OTX18 offers impressive adjustability for fine-tuning, with fifteen clicks of low-speed compression and rebound adjustment alongside three for tweaks to high-speed compression. As always, a large and extensively-tested setting bank is also available for those who wish to customise their ride feel even further.

"The all-new RXF 34 m.2 joins the range to offer that same high level of performance in a lightweight package tuned specifically for the short travel trail bike market. With great poise and easy-to-use adjustments, the fork provides a dynamic ride and plenty of control when the going gets rough. If you need 140 millimeters of travel for your trail bike build you’re out of luck, as the RXF 34 maxes out at 130, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s any less capable – it’s not"


Ohlins RXF 34


120mm - 130mm
Travel Adjustment
Axle Spacing
Axle Type
Damper Type
OTX Single tube cartridge
Spring Type
Air ramp adjustable
Compression Adjustment
High speed / Low speed
Rebound Adjustment
Low Speed
Ait Spring Volume Adjustment
Volume Tokens
Stanchion Diameter
Stanchion Coating
Hard Anodized
Steerer Type
Steerer Material
Axle to crown height
541mm for 130mm travel
Min. Rotor Size
Max. Rotor Size
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