Ohlins TTX 22 Coil Shock

Arguably the best coil shock money can buy


The Ohlins TTX 22 rear shock damper has created quite a buzz ever since its launch in 2013. Until now, the Ohlins TTX 22 M has only been available for Specialized OEM/AM bikes. But now, we are re-launching the shock as Ohlins TTX 22 M Universal. Available in in 7 different lengths/strokes with mounting hardware compatible with the majority DH/AM/Enduro/trail bikes on the market!

The Ohlins TTX 22 M Universal aftermarket shock absorber is designed to handle the most challenging World Cup Downhill tracks while still providing pedal efficiency for flat and uphill sections. The TTX damper twin tube design allows the damper fluid to rotate through a circuit inside the shock giving you a consistent volume of damper fluid either side of the main damper piston at any point during the stroke of the shock. This ensures consistent damping performance on all types of terrain and improves damping response to give outstanding control, grip and confidence.

Low and high speed compression and rebound damping are externally adjustable. Spherical bearing bushing kits are available as an option on widths up to 22 mm, reducing friction on the shock during side loads to improve small bump sensitivity. Shocks with stroke of 2.5” and less feature the stability mode. A 3rd position on the high speed adjuster which increases compression damping to reduce suspension movements during less technical climbs.

We have developed new springs for the Ohlins TTX 22 M Universal and decreased the weight by 25-30% which reduces un-sprung mass and makes your bike lighter and more supple over small bumps.


The Ohlins TTX 22 shock is compatible with a variety of frames and we are on hand to help take the headache out of getting your new Ohlins shock fitted to you bike with a full compliment of hardware and bushing sizes in stock.

We also offer custom tuning and setup sessions once your shock is fitted meaning you get the most out of your new Ohlins suspension system. Contact us for more details.

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BRINK is a official Authorised Ohlins Service Centre. Our dedicated Plush Suspension workshop houses a wide array of specialist tools and machines along with a large inventory of spare parts. All service, warranty and custom tuning work is completed on site by our very own suspension experts who have many years of racing and industry experience backed up by product specific training by Ohlins at their headquarters in Sweden.

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