SDG Fly Mtn Cro-Mo Rail Saddle

SDG Fly Mtn Cro-Mo Rail Saddle

The Fly is a legend amongst saddles, the downhill crowd have moved on to the I-Fly 2.0. And the Fly and Ti-Fly have evolved into this the Fly Mtn saddle, packed with technical features.

SDG have added now uses Plush EVA padding underneath the embossed microfiber top and Kevlar sides keep it looking new. They’ve widened the nose and cut a full length peri-channel. Yet somehow this is still one of the lightest saddles on the market, witchcraft I tell thee!


  • Rugged, durable and all day comfort with Kevlar sides. Ideal for XC, trail, enduro, downhill
  • Flat-Forward Platform: Allows ease of movement on the saddle
  • Peri-Canal: Continuous relief channel from tip to tail
  • Wider nose platform to aid in climbing
  • Lightweight Nylon base
  • Plush Lightweight EVA foam
  • 2pc Microfibre top with Kevlar Sides
  • Cro-Mo rails
  • Length x Width: 260mm x 133mm
  • Weight: 230g