Sensus DisIsDaBoss Grip

Sensus DisIsDaBoss Grip


“We duct taped Andreu to a chair and forced him to design the sickest grip he could imagine. Born in freeride and adapted to all disciplines. With a functional logo, this grip provides four different positions to fine tune your comfort and preference.” - Cam Zink

This grip will turn you into a brutal savage!

  • 148mm Overall Length
  • 115mm Grip Area
  • 30mm Diameter
  • Overlapping Flanges
  • Double Lock w/ SnapCaps

Hand Crafted in California

Sensus disisdaboss grip 2022
D6354 B84 2740 419 F A7 A6 A0 EC01 AB043 F
BABB8 BC4 4 E60 4 A57 AA19 180 B0 A42 BFA3
D0 DEE676 8 DDA 4 D24 A184 4879 ADE64 C14