Sensus Swayze Sans Flange Grip


Sensus Swayze Sans Flange

"Your favorite grip just got a haircut! It’s everything you’ve grown to love about our Swayze, but now with even more room for your bar controls.” - Cam Zink

With the growing need for more controls and levers in your cockpit, we’ve gotten with the times and freed up lots o’ thumb room. Our beloved crush pattern is now sandwiched between two micro flanges; one angular ramp and a curved bevel on the other side. Feel free to run either direction depending on your preference. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder!

Ideal for all styles of riding

  • 148mm Overall Length
  • 115mm Grip Area
  • 30mm Diameter
  • Dual Micro Flanges
  • Double Lock w/ SnapCaps

Hand Crafted in California

Swayze sans flange list
6 ED979 E5 83 CF 4991 B6 D9 21 B4 FA48 F1 BD
9 DF876 D9 B4 DA 4068 AA38 22 D4657 E9 F9 D
FF9 B7746 73 FB 4373 9 AE9 2355308 BA7 B3