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MTB Hopper

MTB Hopper Mini Pad

MTB Hopper Mini Pad

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MINI PAD is landing for the smaller ramps. It works great as a tool
for improving skills for beginner riders.
For beginner riders who want to improve jumping skills.
MINI PAD is perfect for training:
1. Acquiring skills for bike control and body coordination when
approaching the landing.
2. Correct approaching speed, training feel of right speed.
3. Overcoming the fear of clearing gaps through step-by-step
4. The suspension will save from casing, going over the bars and
making mistakes on the landing.
5. It reduces impact on your knees and stress on bicycle
6. Having softer landings is more fun and can further improve your
jumping technique.

MINI PAD has adjustable height and angle.
Shock absorbers for safety and soft landings.
Stable and grippy on any terrain.
Its durable and grippy surface works in all weather conditions.
MINI PAD is super portable and compact for easy storage.
Height adjustment amplitude: from 450 mm to 575 mm
Working surface dimensions: 1900 (length) x 730 (width) mm
MINI PAD works perfectly with INTRO,
LITE, STREET and COACH ramps. (Sold Seperately)

Assembly: 5 minutes
Weight limit: 130 kg
Ready to use dimensions: 1900 mm
(length) x 730 mm (width) x 450 - 575
mm (height)
Briefcase measurements: 870 x 740 x
150 mm
Product weight (total): 17.9 kg

Ready-to-ship product dimensions (+
packaging): 910 x 760 x 160 mm
Product weight (+ packaging): 19.2 kg
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