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Daysaver IncredibleX

Daysaver IncredibleX

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The Multitool that adapts to you and your bike

Allen key shape - but one that fits anywhere

The IncredibleX offers the same appreciated and proven Allen key form factor as the Essential8. And it can not only be attached to the bike or carried in the pocket or backpack, but fits in the different cavities of the bikes thanks to the concept with the retractable lever. The clever spring mechanism makes it easy to fold and unfold the arm and keeps it firmly locked in place when in use.

All your bits are safely stowed in the tool with the bit storage feature which ensures easy and quick access with the magnetic mechanism to open and close the storage. Of course, also on the trail when you wear gloves.

With 57 grams and made of stainless, hardened steel, the IncredibleX offers Daysaver standard workshop quality to go.

Ultimate flexibility - The MixMatch bits

The IncredibleX comes with 8 tools: HEX 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 (integrated in the tool) and T25. The new, double-sided bits can be freely configured to your needs with the patented lock-interface, which holds the bits rock solid together. So whatever components you have or might have in the future, you can adapt the Incredible X to your requirements. The following bits are available as add-ons: T10, T15, T20, T30, Plus (JIS), Flat head.

By the way, the IncredibleX combines perfectly with these Incredible products: Handlebar mount, Coworking7TL


  • MixMatch Hex 2
  • MixMatch Hex 2.5
  • MixMatch Hex 3
  • MixMatch Hex 4
  • MixMatch Hex 5
  • Single-sided Hex 6
  • Hex 8 (integrated in the short lever arm of the tool)
  • MixMatch Torx 25

Available add-on bits

  • MixMatch T10
  • MixMatch T15
  • MixMatch T20
  • MixMatch T30
  • MixMatch Plus (JIS)
  • MixMatch Flat head


  • Fully customizable by MixMatch bits
  • Stores 2 MixMatch, double or single sided bits in the 2 retentions
  • Stores 2 additional MixMatch, double or single sided bits in the body of the tool
  • Long and short lever arm (high and low torque)
  • Screwdriver style functionality (ultra low torque)
  • Short lever folding in and out functionality for slim form factor. Lock-in mechanism for both positions.
  • Easy access of stored bits, also with gloves
  • Weight: 57 grams
  • Corrosion resistant hardened stainless steel
  • Length 96mm / diameter 14.5mm
  • Inscriptions: Laser engraving
  • Each bit can be used on both lever sides
  • Bits are held by neodymium magnets (nickel-copper-epoxy coated for best corrosion resistance)
  • Comes with adapter to fit any Incredible carrying option. For the handlebar mount, the tool needs a straight section of 119mm
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