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Daysaver MixMatch IncredibleX Single Bits

Daysaver MixMatch IncredibleX Single Bits

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Ultimate flexibility - The MixMatch bits

You want more flexibility in your choice of bits? The IncredibleX multitool adapts to your bike. The new, double-sided bits can be freely configured to your needs with the patented lock-interface, which holds the bits rock solid together. So whatever components you have or might have in the future, you can adapt the IncredibleX to your requirements.


  • Combinable double sided bit halfs


  • Each bit half has an interface which takes up another bit half (except for the HEX6)
  • All bits are compatible and can be freely combined (except for the HEX6)
  • The bit half are held together by a neodymium magnet (nickel-copper-epoxy coated for best corrosion resistance)
  • Each bit comes with a magnetic pin
  • Incredible tool compatible only
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