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MTB Hopper

MTB Hopper Area 51 - 4

MTB Hopper Area 51 - 4

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Motorcycles and mountain bikes, heavy motorcycles, as well as mountain
The ramp makes it possible to clear up to 9 - 12 m gaps and send it to 2-
meter height.
The ramp is ideal for tricks that require higher speed - 30 - 60 km/h.

The new generation of our iconic ramp has adjustable geometry.
It is now even more stronger, compact and lighter.
It's perfect for high-speed long jumps and low-speed airy jumps.
AREA 51 has a smooth bended surface for quiet and great roll.
It has new feet for stability on loose, slippery, and rough surfaces.
It has mounting loops specifically designed to endure extreme loads,
ensuring secure fixation and stability during events like races or
competitions in remote locations.
The ramp withstands high-force impacts at high speeds.
AREA 51 is highly portable and faster and easier to transform
into towing mode.
The ramp has wheels that allow you to move a ready-to-use ramp from one
location to another without disassembling it.
It also folds in one briefcase which is more convenient to transport the ramp.

The ramp has adjustable geometry with two positions:
1. Long Jump for high-speed jump;
2. Airy Jump for slower-speed jumps.
Height adjustment amplitude: 720 mm to 1020 mm.
Leg travel: 260 mm.
Surface radius: R of 9000 mm.
Working surface dimensions: 2760 (length) x 730 (width) mm

AREA 51 works perfectly with PAD and
Assembly: 5 minutes
Weight limit: 300 kg
Ready to use dimensions: 2850
(length) x 1100 (width) x 1020 (height)
Briefcase measurements: 1280 x 930
x 260 mm
Product weight (total): 37.8 kg

Ready-to-ship product dimensions (+
packaging): 1320 x 960 x 270 mm
Product weight (+ packaging): 44.6 kg

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