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MTB Hopper

MTB Hopper Balance

MTB Hopper Balance

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Rear-wheel balance trainer, nose manual balance trainer, and a bike stand for your home. It allows you to feel & work with the rear brake doing a manual, especially if you feel you are just about to flip back too much. If you are leaning too much to the back, just engage your rear brake and that will stop immediately.

The design of the trainer lets it wrap around the wheel in places the bike tolerates flex, also the balance trainer itself moves a bit to the sides, this feature imitates real-life balancing with your legs to keep your bike straight. The Balance trainer doesn't damage your bike. 

Folds into a completely flat product so you can store it on a shelf, in the garage, etc. 

Suitable for various bikes: Road, Gravel, XC, Trail, Enduro, DH, Fat bike, etc. Suitable for: 24, 26, 27,5 & 29 inch wheels with tires from 1.8 to 3.0 width.

Assembly: 5 min
Weight limit: 120 kg
Ready to use dimensions: 660 (height) x 630 (width) x 690 (length) mm
Product weight: 4,8 kg
Packaging data

Ready-to-ship product dimensions (+ packaging): 785 x 620 x 59 mm
Product weight (+ packaging): 5 kg

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