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MTB Hopper Big Air Ramp

MTB Hopper Big Air Ramp

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It's a cannon for massive jumps that's why it is intended
only for experienced and Pro riders.
The ramp has a sturdy construction and is a reliable tool
for MTB / BMX show events and Slope Style competitions.
It is also suitable for Freestyle MX training jumps with slow
It is recommended to have a landing of 2.2 - 3.0 meters
height for this ramp.
The design of the ramp is beautiful, it looks great in photos
and videos and catches the eyes of passersby.

Big Air has a geometry that is best for high jumps (Take-off
angle at the highest setting - 50 degrees).
Adjustment amplitude - from 1700 mm to 1910 mm in
Ramp width - 795 mm
Ramp length - 3700 mm.
Leg travel - 210 mm.
Surface radius R 4700 mm.

The ramp has a construction that lets it be
transported easily, both assembled and
When disassembled - the ramp transforms into
two briefcases.
When assembled - a special wheel extension is
mounted on the legs, which allows the ramp to be
easily transported by one person.
Thanks to the ramp's flexible truss construction -
it is adaptive and always stable on uneven
The ramp has a good grip almost on any surface
because of the big rubber feet.
The ramp has a leg travel of 210 mm.
The ramp also has special mounting points to
secure it to the ground with belts. This way it
becomes completely stable and not moving.

Assembly: 8 min
Weight limit: 250 kg
Ready to use ramp dimensions:
1700 - 1910 (height) x 795
(width) x 3700 mm (length)
Briefcase dimensions: 1000 x
795 x 220 mm
Product weight: 62 kg
Ready-to-ship product
dimensions (+ packaging): 1050
x 830 x 250 mm
Product weight (+ packaging):
66 kg

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