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MTB Hopper

MTB Hopper Lil Air - 2

MTB Hopper Lil Air - 2

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MTB, dirt / street riders, as well as BMX riders.
The ramp is Hard Tail and BMX friendly.
LIL AIR is an introduction to airy jump, dirt street jump, and

LIL AIR is designed for riders of all skill levels.
For beginners looking to learn how to jump from square one. For
that, we recommend the LIL AIR + PAD set.
From intermediate to experienced riders.
With the right skills, you can perform big jumps, such as car jumps,
and more.

LIL AIR has a smooth bended surface for quiet and great roll.
The new generation of the LIL AIR ramp is lighter and assembles
even more quickly.
It offers a smoother roll for an enhanced experience.
This ramp is super portable and easily transportable with its

Height adjustment amplitude: from 790 to 905 mm
Leg travel: 165 mm
Working surface dimensions: 2075 (length) x 485 (width) mm
Surface radius: R of 3400 mm.
Amplitude adjustability LIL AIR very adaptable to various both
natural and urban landings.

LIL AIR works perfectly with PAD.
LIL AIR ramp and PAD are excellent
training solutions for progression and skill
improvement in dirt jumping.
Step-by-step learning in a safe
environment makes this a great tool for
riders of all levels, especially beginners,
experienced riders, coaches, and
interdisciplinary trainees.

Assembly: 5 minutes
Weight limit: 130 kg
Ready to use dimensions: 2270 (length)
x 960 (width) x 905 (height) mm
Briefcase measurements:
Product weight (total): 16.1 kg

Ready-to-ship product dimensions (+
packaging): 940 x 510 x 170 mm
Product weight (+ packaging): 17.2 kg

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