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MTB Hopper

MTB Hopper Pad

MTB Hopper Pad

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Portable landing designed for MTB and BMX bicycles

The Pad provides a great solution for those looking for a landing in a flat area, allowing you to have smooth and safe landings even after high jumps. It works great with the Coach, Pro, Area 51, Lil Air, and Air ramps. Works best with Lil Air.

The Pad is extremely portable, it consists of 3 equally sized briefcases which allow the Pad to fit perfectly into an average-sized SUV leaving enough space for a ramp and a bike.

A big height adjustment amplitude (from 950 to 1320 mm) and the slope angle is adjustability (from 20 to 30 degrees) allowing for the Pad to be used for both long and high jumps.

The built-in shock absorbers allow a smooth and safe landing even when using a completely rigid bike (such as a BMX). The Pad also has a “welcoming plane” which not only provides protection in cases of not making a jump but also allows it to completely close the gap between the Pad and Lil Air

Designed for:
1. Beginners looking to learn how to jump from square one. For that, we recommend the Lil Air + Pad set. With the set, you can start learning and feeling the geometry of the jump without any gap.
2. Experienced riders who are looking to improve the quality of their jumps.
3. MTB coaches who work with riders of various skill levels.

Technical data:
Assembly: 10 min
Weight limit: 150 kg
Ready to use dimensions:
950 - 1320 (height), 1200 (width), 3000 mm (length)
Briefcase dimensions: 140 mm x 520 mm x 1200 mm
Product weight (total): 60 kg

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