MTB Hopper

MTB Hopper Pad - 2

MTB Hopper Pad - 2

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The PAD is a portable landing designed for MTB and BMX bicycles.
MTB and BMX bicycles.
It's perfect for the training:
1. For beginners, we recommend the COACH + PAD set. With these sets, you can
start learning progressively in a safe environment, experiencing the jump's geometry
without any gaps.
2. Experienced riders who are looking to improve the quality of their jumps, we
recommend the LIL AIR + PAD set.
3. MTB coaches who work with riders of various skill levels, since the PAD works with
different ramp sizes.
4. PAD provides a great solution for those looking for a landing in a flat area,
allowing you to have smooth and safe landings even after high jumps.
The new generation of the PAD is stronger.
The built-in Shock Absorbers allow a smooth and safe landing even when using a
completely rigid bike (such as a BMX).
PAD also has a “welcoming plane” which provides protection.
It also allows it to completely close the gap between the PAD and LIL AIR.
It is extremely portable, it consists of 3 equally sized briefcases which allow the PAD
to fit perfectly into an average-sized SUV leaving enough space for a ramp and a
Height adjustment amplitude: from 950 to 1320 mm
Slope angle is adjustable: from 20 to 30 degrees
Leg travel: 370 mm.
Working surface dimensions: 3000 (length) x 1200 (width) mm

PAD works perfectly with STREET, COACH, LIL AIR,
AREA 51 ramps.
Assembly: 10 minutes
Weight limit: 150 kg
Ready to use dimensions: 3000 (length) x 1200
(width) x 950 - 1320 (height) mm
Briefcase measurements: 1200 x 520 x 140 mm
(3 briefcases)
Product weight: 60 Kg

Ready-to-ship product dimensions (+ packaging):
1270 x 540 x 190 mm (3 briefcases)
Product weight (+ packaging): 56.6 kg

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