MTB Hopper

MTB Hopper Vertical

MTB Hopper Vertical

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Introducing the VERTICAL universal bike stand - the ultimate solution for all types of bikes. Designed for horizontal and vertical parking.


This innovative design provides a one size fits all solution for your bike storage needs. With both Vertical and horizontal parking options, it's a gamechanger in optimising space in your storage area.

VERTICAL bike stand is the perfect choice for bike shops, bike services or any cycling enthusiast looking to save space while storing their bikes.

SPECIFICATIONS The bike stands in an upright position, thanks to the seat post being secured by a special lock. Equipped with a special hook that holds the front wheel in a straight position.

Assembly: 2 min
Ready to use dimensions: 790
(height) x 680 (length) x 390
(width) mm
Briefcase measurements: 655 x
420 x 55 mm
Product weight (total): 2.5 kg
Ready-to-ship product
dimensions (+ packaging): 655 x
420 x 55 mm
Product weight (+ packaging): 3.5

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